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Breakthrough Cleaning Technology Using The Power Of Water!
Traditional Vacuums Have a Dirty Secret! 
Today's vacuums use up to 5 filters can clog with dust & dirt, severely restricting airflow; reducing pickup power, shortening your vacuum's lifespan, & breeding bacteria & germs that flow back into your home.

H20 Windforce is brilliantly designed using only the natural cleansing power of water! It will never lose airflow or pickup power due to clogged filters, leaving your home cleaner & healthier than any other vacuum!
  • PURE WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM - Means you are cleaning with a brand new filter the first time, the hundredth time and the thousandth time you use it!
  • WON'T LOSE AIRFLOW - Powerfully sucks up debris & filters it through the water so it never clogs!
  • FAST & EASY-TO-CLEAN - Simply pour the dirt away & refill with clean water - your hands never touch the mess!
  • HELPS CLEAN THE AIR - Dirt flows in & cleaner, fresher air flows out, helping to provide a healthy environment for your home.
  • GOES WHERE OTHER VACUUMS CAN'T - Cleans deep down & maneuvers easily to reach anywhere.

  • SAVES YOU MONEY - Uses only tap water, so there's nothing additional to buy or filters to replace.
Powerful. Effective. Ingeniously Designed.
H20 Windforce Is The Amazing 6-In-1 Powerhouse That Can Do It All!
You could spend over $2000 on ordinary water filtration vacuums that still have old-fashioned filters.
But Try The H2O Windforce Today & You'll Get These 4 FREE BONUS Gifts Just For Ordering!
  • The PET/UPHOLSTERY BRUSH to clean fabric on sofas, chairs & ottomans.
  • The DUSTING BRUSH for touching up delicate surfaces.
  • The CREVICE TOOL to get right into narrow, hard-to-reach places.
  • The HARD SURFACE BROOM for wood, concrete, brick, garages, patios, driveways & more.
  • The INFLATOR NOZZLE for quick & easy inflation.
Real People, Real Results!
"We’ve been using it for about a month and our house is cleaner than it’s ever been. It can go underneath the furniture without having to move the furniture. It’s been a dream machine."
"With the H2O WindForce’s water filtration system all I have to do is dump it out the dirty water versus taking out several filters and cleaning them. It is like using a brand new filter every time!"
"The fact that the H2O WindForce is helping to provide a clean, healthy environment for your family something – you know, that is something you can’t put a price tag on."

$495 USD
Pre-Tax Total Plus FREE S&H
or 5 payments of
$99 USD
30 Day
Money Back Guarantee
1 Year Warranty